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7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Philosophizing by Listening to the Past
Wheaton College Blanchard Hall, Wheaton IL
Wheaton College

Vessey writes: “Hans-Georg Gadamer argues that it is impossible to do work in the history of philosophy without philosophizing. Others too hold the view that there is no sharp distinction to be made between doing the history of philosophy and doing philosophy; what makes Gadamer unique is his view applies not just to philosophical texts, but to philosophically relevant works of literature or of non-philosophical disciplines. That is because according to Gadamer what matters is the specific way we engage in dialogue with the texts and listen to what they have to tell us. I will use historical debates in homiletics—in the theory of preaching—to illustrate Gadamer’s point and to raise a concern about Gadamer’s own emphasis on listening as the model for engaging philosophically with the past.”

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