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Check out the top Intelligent Events in Chicago this week.  Go to an event, meet some new people, and increase your intelligence.

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1) Chicago Ideas Week
October 16-22
Chicago Ideas Week is a seven-day festival featuring over 200 global thought leaders and innovators speaking on a variety of topics ranging from leadership and life’s lessons, to science and technology, to the most pressing issues of the day and the most creative insights in entertainment. We offer more than 150 engaging programs each Chicago Ideas Week to stimulate, inspire and enlighten participants while providing the opportunity for attendees to think, dream and connect.

2) Russia, Ukraine, and the Fate of Europe’s Borderlands
October 17
Anne Applebaum and Ivo Daalder explore if the West preserve the independence of Ukraine, as well as the other nations of Europe’s borderlands, and avoid war with Russia?
 5:15pm, Chicago Council on Global Affairs


 3) VR Storytelling for Brands
October 18
Using VR as a storytelling platform can engage, transport and emotionally connect with consumers in ways not previously possible. Learn how brands are using this storytelling platform to drive engagement and relevance with their consumers.
3PM, 2112 Inc.


4) Adler Afraid of the Dark?
October 19
If you grew up in the 90s, you remember the spine-tingling (and often campy) stories told ‘round the campfire in Are You Afraid of the Dark. But the universe is even scarier than you imagine. Don’t miss this fun & fear-inducing Adler After Dark!
6PM, Adler Planetarium

5) 20×2 Chicago
October 20
What happens when you take 20 handpicked creatives and luminaries, give them each two minutes before a live audience and the same (fuzzy) question to unravel? That’s the premise behind 20×2, the popular event staged since 2001 at SXSW Interactive — and live twice a year in Chicago since 2013! 20 speakers wrestle with the question “How does it work?” You’ll laugh, you may cry, and it wouldn’t surprise us if you came away inspired.



The Health Sector and the Economy 2017
October 21
The second annual conference organized by the Health Economics Initiative will bring together scholars pursuing research that combines theoretical and empirical analysis to examine the function of health care markets and the impact of health policies. The conference will also aim to foster a community for collaboration and evaluation of current research.
Becker Friedman Institute

Peak of the Orionids Meteor Shower
October 22
Starting in the evening of Oct. 22 through the next day’s dawn, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Orionids meteor shower. Learn more about the major meteor showers and how to watch them here.
Nighttime, the Universe



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