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Check out the top Intelligent Events in Chicago this week.  Go to an event, meet some new people, and increase your intelligence.

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1) Hon. Thomas Dart, Cook County Sheriff
May 22
At the Cook County Department of Corrections, the Sheriff oversees a population of over 12,000 that includes inmates both housed on-site and ordered to alternative programs such as electronic monitoring. Dart’s restorative justice vision has reduced the number of non-violent offenders detained at Cook County Jail – the largest in the nation. In 2015, he worked to enact the Rocket Docket into law, which has resulted in faster disposition of retail theft and criminal trespassing cases through the system.
11:30am, City Club of Chicago

2) Kim Foxx’s Plan for Criminal Justice Reform
May 22
Join us for a conversation on her plans to tackle Chicago’s gun violence and reform the criminal justice system. There will be many opportunities for questions from the audience.

 3) Cyber Security: Its Impact on Our Daily Lives
May 23
Experts discuss the reality of Cyber attacks and the need for security in business, government, banking, and our private lives.
Noon, ICPR

May 24
This symposium will explore the recent trends in water sustainability, focusing on new desalination research, security implications, and anticipated stresses on the middle east due to lack of freshwater resources.
Buffett Institute

5) Why the Left Hates the Constitution
May 24
Ben Shapiro is a writer, radio host, and nationally recognized political commentator. Shapiro is editor-in-chief of
7pm, NUCR



Path to Innovation: Who, What, When and Why?
May 25
This free event will feature a panel of industry professionals who will discuss the environment conducive to scientific innovation from an academic to a business perspective. Learn about their personal insights on the steps, the people and the drivers of their success and innovation in general. This event will quench the curiosity of those who are thinking about licensing their ideas or starting a business in the life science and/or healthcare setting.
6pm, CHIentist


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