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Check out the top Intelligent Events in Chicago this week.  Go to an event, meet some new people, and increase your intelligence.

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1) Ian Johnson: The Souls of China and The Return of Religion After Mao
April 24
Following a century of violent anti-religious campaigns, China is now filled with new temples, churches and mosques–as well as cults, sects and politicians trying to harness religion for their own ends. Driving this explosion of faith is uncertainty–over what it means to be Chinese, and how to live an ethical life in a country that discarded traditional morality a century ago and is still searching for new guideposts. From the Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Ian Johnson comes a portrait of religion in China today—its history, the spiritual traditions of its Eastern and Western faiths, and the ways in which it is influencing China’s future.
Noon, McCormick Foundation


2) FinTech Week Chicago 2017
April 25
Chicago Fintech Week is a series of events that brings together Chicago’s thriving Fintech Ecosystem along with a national and international audience. This session will focus on Blockchain.
8am, FinTech

 3) Technori Showcase
April 25
In April we welcome Gener8tor to the Technori Stage! Following an address from Chicago entrepreneur & Avant CEO Al Goldstein, one of the Midwest’s top startup accelerators will be introducing you to their most recent cohort. Join us and connect with startup founders from Madison, WI to Toronto, and beyond!
6pm, Technori


4) Hon. Dan Cronin, Chairman, DuPage County Board
April 26
Cronin is committed to reducing the size, scope, and cost of local government. Through his DuPage ACT Initiative (Accountability, Consolidation and Transparency), he introduced a comprehensive approach to reform dozens of independent taxing districts in DuPage County. To date, those reforms—which include the elimination of two agencies—are estimated to save taxpayers more than $100 million.
11:30am, City Club of Chicago


5) Finding a Future for Afghanistan
April 27
President Trump has expressed conflicting views on US policy toward the country in the past, alternately arguing against nation-building and promising to keep American troops on the ground. Where does Afghanistan stand on the United States’ choice between staying in and leaving Afghanistan? How will that choice impact the future of Afghanistan and of US-Afghan relations?
11:45am, Chicago Council



The Warped Universe: The One-Hundred-Year Quest to Discover Einstein’s Gravitational Waves
April 25
In 2016, scientists announced the first-ever detection of gravitational waves from colliding black holes, launching a new era of gravitational wave astrophysics. Gravitational waves were predicted by Einstein one hundred hundred years earlier. I will describe the scientific and human story behind these discoveries, which provide a window into some of the most violent and warped events in the Universe.
6pm, Argonne



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