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Check out the top Intelligent Events in Chicago this week.  Go to an event, meet some new people, and increase your intelligence.

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1) Communicating the Gospel C.S. Lewis Style
Dr. Jerry Root, our plenary speaker, will be offering six lectures over the course of the conference on the theme of “Communicating the Gospel: C.S. Lewis Style.”


2) Waging Peace: How America Can Avoid War
Avoiding war, while securing nation’s vast global interests, is a perennial challenge for any United States president. But throughout history forward-looking statesmen like FDR, Reagan, Rabin, and Walesa – leaders who anticipated change and were willing to build alliances and engage with adversaries – were able to promote peace under testing circumstances. What would such a strategy of preventative engagement look like for the United States today?
5:15pm, Chicago Council


3) The NFL and Brain Injuries with Tregg Duerson and Stephanie Kifowit
Join us for a fascinating talk on the new efforts to protect student athletes in Illinois. Tregg Duerson, a mental health advocate and son of 1985 Bears Super Bowl great Dave Duer-son, will co-lead the discussion. Dave Duerson’s tragic suicide has sparked awareness of the links between concussions and brain damage in football players. The Dave Duerson Act to Prevent CTE is a proposed law that would ban organized tackle football for Illinois children 12 years old and under.
Noon, Standard Club


4) Bioethics & Being Human
Explore anew our individual and common humanity in light of the ever-evolving developments in medicine, science, and technology. Plenary speakers will address being and remaining human in an age of science and technology, genetics, neuroscience & the BRAIN Initiative; bioethics in literature and pop culture; human rights & dignity; and theological examinations of contentment, human flourishing, particularity, and embodiment as they relate to bioethics.


5) BUZZ: Blockchain Update with Zach and Zach
A series of discussions about the technical, legal, and business aspects of blockchain technology and tokenized assets.
6pm, Ziliak Law



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