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Design 101: Tips & Tricks with Aly Fluckey
Thursday, March 10, 2016 6:00PM
About this talk:

In this talk, Aly Fluckey will be going over some of her favorite tips and tricks for designing for the web: everything from color theory and typography, to layout and content. From a high level, she will also talk about designing for responsive screens and fun things you can do with CSS animations. Come learn with her about all her favorite ways to make front-end web development and design fun and easy to do!
This talk is open to people at every level of coding and design, including beginners.
About Aly Fluckey: 

Aly Fluckey is a Chicago-based front-end developer currently working for Table XI. She has a background in graphic design and software development, but has found a passion for user experience and design on the web. Her other passions include mentoring, hanging with good friends and eating good food, listening to music and retweeting photos taken from the International Space Station. You can find her on Twitter and other social media as @wtfluckey.

VSA Partners

VSA Partners will be our host and sponsor for this event. VSA is currently recruiting for their internships program. You can find information about the program an the internships available at: http://www.vsapartners.com/careers/


VSA Partners, Inc.

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