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Fellows Seminars | Kirsten Kukowski “The American Political Playbook – Party Politics”

University of Chicago Institute of Politics

Thu, Sep 29 at 12:00 PM, Chicago, IL

GOP political operative Kirsten Kukwoski will give a behind-the-scenes look at the roller coaster 2016 presidential election and what life looks like inside political campaigns — a day in the life, what barriers have been broken and how we move forward. How has this election cycle changed how we do business and will it last? What shape does the Republican Party take moving forward? Has Donald Trump upended the party and presidential politics as we know it?

Thursdays at 12 pm at the IOP.



In this opening seminar Kirsten and her guest will explore the role of political parties historically and consider how the 2016 presidential race has turned that understanding on its head. They’ll start with the party today: Did the GOP convention change the party in any meaningful way? Is the Republican Party — any party — still relevant? Has Trump forever changed the GOP? They’ll look at specific moments during the GOP primary and general election and dissect how the RNC and other candidates reacted to Trump’s rise. Looking back, they’ll define establishment and sort out how and when it became a four-letter word. They’ll also pick apart the role of party chairman, using current RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as an example. // Guest: Rick Wiley, former Republican National Committee Political Director, campaign manager for Scott Walker’s presidential campaign

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