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Thursday, July 19, 20Dr. Claessens, Harris School: Opportunities Lost: Kindergarten Classrooms and the Fadeout of Preschool Advantages

12 10:30 am

Chapin Hall, Richman Conference Room
1313 East 60th Street Chicago, IL

The short-term advantages of early childhood programs such as preschool are well documented. However, this skill advantage often fades, with effects disappearing as early as the end of kindergarten. There is little research addressing why the short-term test score gains from these programs disappear in elementary school. The current paper uses nationally representative data to examine how academic content coverage in kindergarten classrooms is associated with the maintenance or fadeout of preschool skill advantages in reading and mathematics. Results indicate that all children benefit from exposure to advanced content in reading and mathematics.
Amy Claessens is an Assistant Professor in the Harris School of Public Policy.

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