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Walk The Plank: Pitch Training Workshop by SquarePlanet

By: SquarePlanet Presentations + Strategy

Thu, May 19 at 1:00 PM,Chicago, IL

If you’re an entrepreneur, sales professional or business owner, your pitch can mean everything.

You’ve set sail with a purpose you believe in. You’re ready to walk the plank and take the plunge into the unknown sea below. Whether you’re pitching to potential investors or trying to gain new customers, how you swim in those shark infested waters depends on your ability to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Are you telling your story with a simple, evocative and compelling message? Or are your hands bound by conventional wisdom telling you to play it safe?

Aye matey, we have good news. Walk the Plank is a one-of-a-kind pitch workshop designed to give you all the tools you need to swim on to bigger and better adventures.


The core principles of effective communication
Simplification strategies to make your message fit time constraints and pitch format
How to stop being a scallywag by doing things the way they’ve always been done
Storytelling methods to help amplify your message
Strategies for audience interactivity and engagement
What Native American refrigeration techniques can teach you about connecting with your audience
Best practices for slide design and visual support
Delivery tips and recommendations
What it really means to be a pirate


One half-day session at SquarePlanet HQ
An intimate setting; only 8 seats available per session, maximum of 2 people from a single company.
Participate in a 30-minute educational keynote by SquarePlanet founder Brian Burkhart.
Deliver your own 5-minute pitch, with instantaneous and in-depth feedback from Brian and the SquarePlanet team.

This is unlike any other pitch workshop out there. Your preconceived notions will be challenged. Your foundations will be rocked. Your timbers will be shivered. This is not for the weary, or those afraid of breaking the rules. We’re looking for fellow pirates ready to set sail in a new direction, one pitch at a time. If that sounds like you, sign up today!


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