Seminary Coop Bookstore

5751 S. Woodlawn Ave.

United States

Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter: Class and Race in America” – with Charles Mills

Seminary Coop Bookstore

Thursday, October 29, 2015 – 6:00pm to 8:00pm

5751 S. Woodlawn Ave.

Chicago, IL 60637

The Seminary Coop Bookstore will host a series of monthly conversations about compelling contemporary issues that are informed by scholarship that bears on those issues. Contributing authors introduce the   discussions, leaving most of the time for dialogue among those whom we would prefer to call “participants” rather than members of an “audience.” Thus the goal is to help create what Rosa Eberly calls a “literary public sphere,” in which private consumers of books and the issues they address are encouraged to become public communicators about them. All events start at 6 pm. at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore, 5751 S. Woodlawn Ave., and will be hosted by social and political theorist Isaac Balbus, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Thursday October 29. “Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter: Class and Race in America,” introduced by Charles Mills, Department of Philosophy, Northwestern University, author of The Racial Contract and From Class to Race: Essays in White Marxism and Black Radicalism.


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