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Beyond the optics: How to Get at Real Diversity, Outside of Quotas and Soun…

Second Shift

Wed, October 18, 2017 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Diversity and Inclusion are important in business, no doubt. But lately they’ve sort of become “buzz words” that people tend to float around without much thought. Is diversity easy and always beneficial for every part of a business? No, not necessarily. Is there a way to reconcile the advantages of diversity with some of the more challenging pieces necessary for its execution? Absolutely.

In this discussion, we’ll put aside the “PC sensitivities” and have an open and honest conversation, looking at things from a variety of angles. Only then can we really understand the true benefits of diversity and how – with intentional leadership – we can create environments to leverage diverse perspectives to the fullest potential.

About the Facilitator
Jaime Baim Hansen is a writer, speaker, and thought leader on women and business. With a degree in the mathematical methods of social sciences from Northwestern University, she spent her early career with an economics consulting firm in Washington, DC. After earning her MBA at Duke, she made a career switch and spent the next 10+ years as a business executive in the tech industry working for companies like Yahoo, Fox, and Cornerstone. Jaime is passionate about innovation and leveraging all available talent, evolving the intersection of business and social impact, and always, always new entrepreneurial ideas. Jaime can be reached at

About the Space
Second Shift is a community-focused coworking space with a mission to support, promote, and connect our members while driving positive social impact in the Logan Square neighborhood. Our vibe is friendly, comfortable, and collaborative, and with large windows and 3 skylights our space is full of natural light!


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