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Productivity Class

with Saya Hillman
@  Mac & Cheese Productions

*TIP: many people get their work to pay for this class. Usually submitting the registration from Dabble and the below description is all they need to do. Ask your boss and see if you can get this expensed as Professional Development!*

Saya will share an overview of numerous resources (mostly tech-based) that she uses on regular basis to maintain organization, frugality, and efficiency, along with tips and insight, to give you a starting point to deciding which tools to further investigate and incorporate into your own life. This class is not about learning the ins and outs of specific tools, but about someone else narrowing the overwhelming field of options and presenting her best-practices and favorites for you to choose which you’d like to learn on a deeper level.

Class is lecture-style structured, with the focus being on the teacher sharing knowledge rather than on interactions between students.

Areas of focus:

– email
– digital organization
– to do list
– calendar
– automation
– security

Saya has run a successful business for since 2004, filled with event curation, keeping track of and adhering to deadlines, wrangling thousands of people, being laid-back yet professional, traveling the frugal path, and wearing many hats, which she has managed to do while keeping her sanity and with a smile on her face. It CAN be done!

Materials to bring
A laptop/tablet is VERY useful but not mandatory. Note-taking materials strongly suggested, there is A LOT of info covered. Lunch/snack for yourself if you feel you’ll get hungry (eating during class a-ok!).


Mac & Cheese Productions

1231 N HONORE ST #1,

Chicago, IL, 60622


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