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Businesses work very hard to acquire customers, but often not hard enough to retain the best ones.  With a properly integrated and executed loyalty program, an enterprise can retain and grow its most profitable customers.  The business can also identify and acquire potentially profitable customers and reconnect with lost customers.

In 1990, Lettuce Entertain You was one of the first restaurant companies to introduce a Loyalty Program.  The program has evolved through the years to become a significant driver of revenue.  At Lettuce, we use a multi-channel marketing communication strategy to help us maintain and grow our most profitable customers (and to disengage with unprofitable customers).   We use the data acquired through the program to help us identify potential customers and to guide our operational decisions.
Challenges today for an enterprise are to determine whether a loyalty program fits into the enterprise’s marketing strategy and how to create a program that separates it from its competition.  This presentation should help to better understand the importance of loyalty marketing and how an effective loyalty program should be designed and executed.

What you will learn:
– Loyalty programs are not meant to drive trial.  My job is not to get customers through the door.  My job is to get them back through the door.
– Loyalty programs are not right for every industry.
– Without C-Level and operational support, your loyalty program is destined to fail.
– Loyalty programs are about making your customers feel special.  Even in mass communication, the customer should feel like you are talking directly to them.

Michael Lynch is the Director of Loyalty Marketing and Market Research at Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises. In his role, he is responsible for all direct marketing efforts including; strategy, teleservices, Frequent Diner loyalty club, email marketing, website, and operational customer relationship management.  Michael is also responsible for research and market survey analysis. Complete bio below.






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