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35 West Wacker Dr. 21st floor

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“Content in a Zombie Apocalypse” with Karen McGrane
Chicago Content Strategies

Monday, August 26, 2013

6:00 PM

Leo Burnett

35 West Wacker Drive, 21st floor , Chicago, IL

We are thrilled to welcome Karen McGrane, author of Content Strategy for Mobile, to this month’s Content Strategy Meetup. Karen will be talking about developing a content strategy that treats all our platforms as if they’re equally important.

Karen’s description of her talk:
Friends, a zombie apocalypse is upon us: an onslaught of new mobile devices, platforms, and screen sizes, hordes of them descending every day. We’re outmatched. There aren’t enough designers and developers to battle every platform. There aren’t enough editors and writers to populate every screen size. Defeating the zombies will require flexibility and stamina—in our content. We’ll have to separate our content from its form, so it can adapt appropriately to different contexts and constraints. We’ll have to change our production workflow so we’re not just shoveling content from one output to another. And we’ll have to enhance our content management tools and interfaces so they’re ready for the future. Surviving the zombie apocalypse is possible, by developing a content strategy that treats all our platforms as if they’re equally important.

More about Karen McGrane:
For more than 15 years Karen has helped create more usable digital products through the power of user experience design and content strategy. Today, she manages Bond Art + Science, a user experience consultancy she founded in 2006, where she has led content strategy and information architecture engagements for The Atlantic, Fast Company, Franklin Templeton, and Fidelity. Prior to starting Bond, Karen was VP and National Lead for User Experience at Razorfish, where she led major redesign initiatives for The New York Times, Condé Nast, Disney, and Citibank, and managed a team of information architects, content strategists, and user researchers. For more, visit Karen’s site: http://karenmcgrane.com/

We expect this event to be extremely popular, so please respond ASAP and please keep your status updated if your plans change.


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