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Internet Privacy Update: “Under Watchful Eyes: Privacy and the Technologies That Track”


You know that new smartphone with GPS you just purchased? How about that new iPad, Kindle, or compact laptop? Location tracking technologies are becoming a pervasive, standardized feature of most electronic devices, and businesses and governments can use them to follow you throughout the day–to know when you leave in the morning, what route you take, where you stop, how long you linger at the coffee machine, and what desks and offices you frequent at work. Personal location data and smart navigation systems are predicted to offer $500-$800 billion in economic value to individual consumers and organizations over the next decade. The ever increasing use of geo-location data however, has raised national concern.  How can we realize the economic benefits while preserving sufficient privacy? IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law brings together noted leaders in the field who will analyze how decisions about the balance between privacy and the benefits of information processing are and should be made, examine what control we currently have over our information, and discuss the extent to which we can use technology and the law to gain greater control in the future.

Location Information:
IIT Downtown Campus – Chicago-Kent College of Law
Room: Front Lobby

IIT Downtown Campus – Chicago-Kent College of Law
Room: Governor Richard B. Ogilvie Auditorium

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Name: Office of Continuing Legal Education
Email: cle@kentlaw.iit.edu

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