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“From Flux to Redux: a migration story” by Sandi Barr
React Chicago

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 6:00PM
Come along with me on our journey from Flux to Redux to discover how a single source of truth for application state and the available middleware will help us avoid some antipatterns with async. We will convert Flux stores from our existing app with a reducer function, replace the Flux library with a single Redux store, combine those reducers into one, and finally convert the UI to use react-redux.

Sandi Barr is a Sr. Consultant with Object Partners. She caught the React fever last year and was able to bring it into her client project at West Interactive. Sandi comes from Omaha where she is leading the charge for Omaha Coding Women as well as helping to organize and bring other tech programs to the local community such as Girls Who Code, Nebraska JavaScript Conference, and NodeSchool Omaha.







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