Gerald Ratner Athetic Center

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Sports & Society

Sports and Society, an event hosted by the University of Chicago evolves from the Sustainable Chicago Sports Project—a partnership by the City of Chicago, Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition and the University of Chicago. The event will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the relationship of sports and environment, addressing issues from climate change to food waste recovery, and progress to a broader discussion of the connection of sports to gender, diversity and equality.

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The connections created through sport go far beyond the game into every aspect of society. From small recreational leagues, which bring together neighborhoods and cities, to global events like the World Cup, which are watched by nearly a billion people worldwide, sports embody community and diversity.

Gerald Ratner Athetic Center
5530 S. Ellis Avenue

Sports connect populations through a multitude of interaction mediums—in person, radio, TV, internet and social media. Through these mediums, sports brings together diverse groups from around the world and invoke conversations on important societal issues including gender, race, sexual orientation, health, immigration, environment and peace.

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