Gensler HQ

11 East Madison St, #300

United States

Technori Growth Summit

Hear from speakers with proven track records in building businesses using various growth techniques.
4 Talks :: Q&A :: Passionate Starters :: Awesome After-party
Gensler HQ
11 East Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60602
Thursday, April 18, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM (CDT)
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This event is for you if you’re an impassioned founder, CEO, marketer, developer, or tech enthusiast. Particularly for those who are part of startups and small businesses, but beneficial to any consumer-based company seeking growth.
Though growing a business is a universal desire, implementing growth is unique to the product, market, and company. The buzz about virality and “growth hacking” has created the false perception that there is such a thing as simple, overnight success. But, as anyone building a company knows, inducing growth is not easy. It involves virtually every part of a company. Growth is the confluence of hiring, organization building, analytics, data science, design, engineering, internet marketing, relationship building, and a “test everything” mentality. When a great strategy is implemented successfully, it often equates to impressive growth–in revenue, user base, and company buzz.

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