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The Poverty Puzzle: Why It’s So Hard To End Poverty In America
Executives’ Club of Chicago

November 30, 5-7PM

Fifty years ago President Lyndon B. Johnson announced the War on Poverty. Yet, today many Americans are still living in poverty. In the state of Illinois alone, 13% of residents currently live below the poverty line with 17.7% being children, a picture that reflects the national struggle.

Research has shown that poverty disproportionately affects people of color and those with mental health issues who often find themselves affected by higher fees and fines when charged with minor offenses. As the cycle of poverty continues, many are asking the following questions: Why is that? What has or hasn’t worked in the past? What have we learned? And, most importantly, what should we do? Join two experts in an important and impactful discussion about the puzzle of poverty and the policies that impact it.

John Bouman
Shriver Center on Poverty

Peter Edelman
Georgetown University

Christie Hefner
Center for American Progress Action





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