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463 E 53rd St 2nd Floor,

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Using Digital Fabrication Prototyping Tools for Inquiry and Research
We Design Think


From 5:30 pm until 8:30pm

At Chicago Innovation Exchange – Fab Lab

1463 E 53rd St 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60615

If you are a Scientist/Researcher you might be wondering:

How might I take advantage of the Fab Lab and its prototyping capabilities to further my research, improve upon my current lab tools or model my ideas?

If you are a CAD Designer/Engineer you might be wondering:

How might I leverage my software and hardware expertise by collaborating with the Fab Lab’s community of scientists and creators?



We will remove roadblocks on the path from having an idea to creating a physical object using digital fabrication.

So join us in this hands-on workshop to discover how the Fab Lab can solve your problems with 3D solutions. During this workshop we will focus on problem solving using simple prototyping methods and then move towards ways that digital fabrication can help you in your endeavors.

Each scientist and software capable CAD Designer/Engineer will be paired in this workshop. If you have an idea and don’t know where to start, or if you have hardware and software skills and don’t know who and how you can help, this is the workshop for you!



Use “design thinking” to discover and frame the real problem you are trying to solve.

Prototype and iterate on your ideas efficiently and at a low cost.

Identify the right tools and experts to realize your vision and support your research.

Effectively collaborate with and support each other beyond the workshop, and continue to to grow the Fab Lab community.



5:30 Networking

6:00 Overview

6:20 Workshop

8:15 Commercialization and how the CIE can support you

8:30 Goodbye



Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon is the CEO, Chief Design Facilitator of WE Design Think. She has been in the innovation space for over 25 years. In addition to her experience with Fortune 100s, four startups,  and not-for-profits, Karen has been a mentor and instructor at Chicago’s 1871 as well as instructs and mentors at the University of Chicago’s Booth school.

The intersection of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and defining new Business Models to accelerate innovation is her interest and expertise.



Harrison Shih

Harrison Shih is a Design Facilitator at WE Design Think. He is a trained psychologist, artist and designer who is interested in understanding individuals’ behaviors and their unmet needs. What Harrison loves the most about Design Thinking is that it’s a creative and fun way of developing innovative solutions and making great impact on people and organizations.








Who Should Attend This Workshop?

If you have an idea in mind but don’t know where to start. For example, you want to make a mouse treadmill for your research, a fish vertebrae model for the class you’re teaching or your final presentations, a low-cost instrument for your experiments – through this workshop, we can discuss how to make it happen!
If you have valuable software and hardware skills that people will find useful, but don’t know who you can help and how you can help, then you should definitely come!


What Should You Expect?

An interactive, hands-on workshop where you will learn about and gain skills in design thinking, prototyping, problem-solving and collaborating with teams.
The ability – if you chose – to learn about the various software and hardware tools that are available to you at the Fab Lab.
An environment of experimentation. Yes, failure is learning in this class.


What Kind of Problems are Good for this Workshop?

Any research problem or challenge you may have – perhaps you need a tool (and would be expensive to buy) that you don’t have for an experiment, or a communication object for your class or presentation


I Won’t Need to Know How to Use The Equipment, Right!

RIGHT! You do not need to know how to use the equipment, ever!

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