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MedDevice Development Primer
September 11-12

MedDevice Development Primer is a two-day course examining all aspects of medical device development. Starting with an overview of the different types of devices and the different industry sectors, the course then delves into the changing regulatory environment. This includes a discussion of the different regulatory pathways and a comparison of FDA vs. EU approval processes. The five phases of medical device development – evaluation, design, verification, and manufacturing – are described in detail. Develop an understanding of the entire process required to bring a new medical device to market.

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BioTech Primer Inc. provides professionals with an understanding of the business, development, manufacturing and regulatory processes fundamental to getting a Medical Device from the bench into the marketplace. Delivered by industry insiders, learn Medical Device development from the experts.

Below find a listing of current training available for individuals or let us customize content for Onsite training at your company. The majority of our classes are held onsite at companies, so additional Medical Device content is available for our customized classes.


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