Using “Outsider Advantage” to Position your Company by MATTER

Date(s) - 11/12/18
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Chicago Matter

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Using “Outsider Advantage” to Position your Company

Mon, November 12, 2018 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

It is human nature to follow trends and avoid risk — many companies today pay agencies and market research or design firms good money only to get the same logo, ad, design, look & feel, etc. as other market leaders. This is even more exaggerated in healthcare and can be counterproductive for emerging businesses that have limited budgets and sensitive time windows to get noticed. In this session, we will share the Outsider Advantage methodology. You will leave this workshop with a workbook of tools to help you gain a market advantage.

Join this workshop to learn how to:

  • Spot market trends (from branding to operations & logistics).
  • Look, sound and act in ways that differentiate you from everyone else
  • Hone in on a unique positioning that isn’t easily replicated
  • Avoid the need for expensive media dollars in the future to get your voice heard

Can’t attend in person? Join us in our virtual classroom. To join this workshop virtually via Webex, select the “Virtual classroom” ticket type at checkout – access instructions will be included in your email receipt.


Chad Hancock is the co-Founder of Marvel Citizen & Citizen Ventures. As a trained product designer, Chad has worked on many brands, getting his start on the usual large agency tour, working with Fortune 500s before branching out to start his own business, a digital platform for youth sports management. While building his own company, he realized that the tools & processes used by agencies, strategists, consultants, etc. were built on earning achievement through scale & uniformity, two things that emerging business do not have. So, he decided there was a better way to support emerging business ventures. He spent years reverse engineered many processes of the past to eliminate inefficiency, ego and subjectivity – creating the Outsider AdvantageTM methodology. Since then, he has leveraged this approach with 19 companies, across the food, health, non-profit, education and technology industries to get their concepts ready to scale. All of which are still leveraging these strategies today.

Marvel Citizen, a part of Citizen Ventures, incubates, operates and grows emerging businesses. We build the Outsider AdvantageTM into ideas and concepts, resulting in an Operating System that helps business leaders accelerate growth, earn influential positions in their markets, and find strategic investment relationships. Since Marvel Citizen’s founding in 2012, the Outsider AdvantageTM methodology has helped emerging and established ventures realize over one billion dollars in impact in a spectrum of markets, from technology to health to energy to food.