Trump, America First, and the World Order America Created

Date(s) - 06/21/18
5:15 pm - 7:00 pm

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

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Chicago Council

Trump, America First, and the World Order America Created

Chicago Council

Eliot A. Cohen, Robert E. Osgood Professor, Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies


With America First, the Trump administration is paving the way for a new global order – or perhaps a new global disorder. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords, the downgrading of security guarantees, and protectionist trade policies, are just a few of the actions evidencing an abandonment of multilateralism and global leadership by the United States. This disengagement is creating a void for other nations and ideologies to fill, at a moment when populist movements and external subversion pose growing threats to democratic institutions across the West. What will putting America first mean for the nation’s long-term security and prosperity? If the US will not defend the international rules and institutions it created, what sort of global order will take their place?

Copies of Eliot Cohen’s book The Big Stick: The Limits of Soft Power and the Necessity of Military Force will be available for sale and signing after the program from the Book Cellar.