Thinking through Our Thinking about Values

Date(s) - 07/19/17
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Hosted by
ENCLAVE for Entrepreneurs at O'Hare

Wed, July 19, 2017 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM


Thinking about how we think about our thoughts is called metacognition.

This month’s metacognitive Conversation at ENCLAVE O’Hare: “Values, Value, and Valuations.” What entrepreneurs, investors, and buyers value about their values leads to valuations of their ventures and their lives.

In this FREE (no fee) series, Conversation at ENCLAVE O’Hare, we explore the thinking behind the thinking of mission-critical topics for an entrepreneur’s success.

How entrepreneurs think about their thinking influences their creativity, judgment, and decision-making. Whether the decision is to hire someone, seek investment capital, or close the doors on a struggling business, all such decisions are influenced by how effectively we are thinking.

ENCLAVE Co-Founders, John R. Dallas, Jr. and David E. (Daven) Morrison III, M.D., will lead us through a highly interactive conversation about metacognition’s rewards and risks.

John is Founder, CEO and Chief Alignment Officer of Hillview Partners Network LLC, an alliance of independent consultants, coaches, and speakers; individuals with subject matter expertise related to strategic alignment of people, money, technology, and other resources. John is author of We Need to Have a Word: Words of Wisdom, Courage, and Patience for Work, Home, and Everywhere (available on Amazon and other booksellers worldwide).

Dr. Morrison is a board certified psychiatrist. Working on Morrison Associates’ projects since 1980, Daven began as a full-time consultant in 1996. As Director of Medical Services and Individual Consultations, his primary roles include working with executives, entrepreneurs, and other leaders, facilitating seminars, and developing new products and services. Daven is co-author of A.B.C.’s of Behavioral Forensics: Applying Psychology to Financial Fraud Prevention and Detection (available on Amazon and other booksellers worldwide).

Entrepreneurs are known for committing so much of their time, energy and other valuable resources to launch and sustain their ventures. What drives them to keep striving for excellence? Understanding the thinking behind the thinking of why an entrepreneur undertakes any endeavor reveals not ony her or his motivations, but also accrued values.

Whether with a co-founder, business partner, investor, employee, friend, family, or others, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to monitor and manage their primary relationships. It’s wise to check-in about each person’s applicable values, accretive value, and ongoing valuation of their investment of time, money and other resources. Strategic alignment of values, value, and valuation is an ongoing exercise in metacognition.

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