The Long and Short of Proteomics: How Proteins Shape Who We Are

Date(s) - 05/16/19
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Emporium Wicker Park

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The Long and Short of Proteomics: How Proteins Shape Who We Are


May 16, 7-8PM

Renown Northwestern University molecular bioscientist Neil Kelleher, who stands 5’0” tall in his socks, and his good friend Luke Mircovic, 6’11”, a former power forward for the 2012 Northwestern Wildcats, will discuss the role of proteins in human health, disease, and how they can shape the diagnostics of the future.Professor Kelleher will also reveal his massive worldwide effort to map one billion proteins throughout the human body ushering in a new era in human health. Once completed, the project is expected to give rise to new antibiotics and revolutionary technologies for detecting and treating cancer and other diseases.



Neil Kelleher, PhD

Walter and Mary E. Glass Professor of Molecular Biosciences and Professor of Chemistry and Medicine

Director of the Proteomics Center of Excellence, Northwestern University

Member, Chemistry of Life Processes Institute

Neil Kelleher is a transdisciplinary investigator who is making an impact in the field of proteomics (proteins) and the discovery of new antibiotics and anticancer molecules. He runs the Kelleher Research Group, which invents methods of understanding how human cells work at the molecular level, and Northwestern Proteomics, the leading lab in the world for the “top-down” proteomics approach to measuring proteins. In 2016, Kelleher delivered a TEDx talk about the Cell-Based Human Proteome Project, an effort to map one billion proteins throughout the human body; he is the founding president of a worldwide research consortium aiming to actualize this project.

Luka Mircovic

Former Northwestern Wildcats basketball star

Born and raised in Belgrabe, Serbia, Luka Mircovic emigrated to La Porte, IN in 2007. Mircovic graduated from Northwestern University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. While at Northwestern, Mircovic was a Power Forward for the Northwestern Wildcats basketball team from 2008 – 2012, where he was noted for his gameplay intensity and connection to Wildcat fans. Mircovic also obtained his MBA from Chicago’s, North Park University in 2015. Currently, Luka is a Director of Operations at Adams Third Wave, a Chicago-based, progressive, national goods transportation company. Mircovic has been a Chicago resident since 2008.