Terrorism in Cyberspace

Date(s) - 03/15/18
5:15 pm - 7:00 pm

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

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Terrorism in Cyberspace

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Gabriel Weimann, Professor of Communication, University of Haifa, Israel

In cyberspace borders, regulation, police, and passports cease to exist. Evolving their tactics terror networks have entered the cyber realm and exploited its immense power. Popular platforms such as Google, YouTube, Twitter and others, have enabled global terror networks to quickly and efficiently recruit, communicate, and coordinate deadly attacks worldwide. Meanwhile, anonymizing software and encryption tools help them to avoid detection by intelligence services. How did the internet evolve into a breeding ground for terrorists and how are they exploiting its power? How should governments respond?



Gabriel Weimann

Professor of Communication, University of Haifa, Israel

Gabriel Weimannis a full professor at the department of communication at Haifa University, Israel. His research interests include the study of modern terrorism and the mass media among many other topics. Weimann has published 120 reports and 9 books, including Terrorism in Cyberspace: The Next Generation. He received numerous grants and awards from international foundations and was a Visiting Professor at various universities including, but not limited to University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University.