“National Geographic Live” — On the Trail of Big Cats

Date(s) - 01/26/20
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Auditorium Theatre

Hosted by
National Geographic

“National Geographic Live” — On the Trail of Big Cats

National Geographic

January 26 , 2020 @ 3 PM

This season, National Geographic Live returns to the Auditorium’s historic stage with a new series focused on the daring explorers who are dedicated to protecting our planet.

From trekking India’s Himalayas in search of rare snow leopards and tracking the elusive jaguar through Latin American jungles to pursuing the American cougar throughout Hollywood Hills, award-winning National Geographic photographer Steve Winter has ventured far and wide to come face-to-face with his subjects. This is no easy task – many of these species are in danger of extinction. Follow Winter into the endangered, wild, and unpredictable world of these creatures as he reveals some of his most memorable experiences from working with big cats and discusses the work that is being done to save them.