Man, Machine & Strategy: Don’t Leave Change to Chance

Date(s) - 11/09/17
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

1871 - Merchandise Mart 12th floor

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To win, we must face a constantly changing competitive world and an ever-increasing customer, employee and investor expectations. To win, we must “stay relevant” and evolve, always. We must keep ahead and not just in pace with change. To win, we must innovate faster, execute faster, discover advantages faster, make decisions faster and change our business models and organizations faster. To win, we must go beyond agility, realize that all advantages are temporary and think, plan and act differently. To compete and thrive we must augment our capabilities and partner with machine, always. To win, we must avoid leaving change to chance.

About the Book: The Caterpillar’s Edge – Evolve, Evolve Again and Thrive in Business

We must embrace a future of flux and seize breakthrough advantages (“Ahas”) in order to constantly “stay relevant.” Within its DNA, the caterpillar aspires and pushes for more, and it gets just that — evolving gracefully from one entity into another, always building a competitive edge in the process. Leaders must believe that their companies are caterpillars with the potential to become butterflies. They must accept an ever changing and uncertain competitive landscape and leverage it to their advantage, over and over.

This is a book for CEOs and leaders, as well as employees, entrepreneurs, and future trailblazers. For those who seek to understand the new chaotic, but promising, business world. This book is for those who see the changes ahead and are looking for ideas to make unpredictability work for them. To lean more

About the Speaker: SID MOHASSEB

Sid Mohasseb is an Author, Venture Investor, Innovation Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, University Professor, Business Thought Provoker, Board Member and Corporate Adviser. Sid’s real expertise is in connecting theory and reality and helping people see the bend in the road ahead. Sid has founded and led several early-stage and hyper-growth companies from inception to acquisition. He has served many fortune 500 clients and helped early stage entrepreneurs navigate the competitive waters. He is an adjunct professor at USC’s Marshall Business School. To lean more
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