Is Blockchain worth it for IoT solutions providers to make the investment move

Date(s) - 06/27/18
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

mHub Chicago

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IOT Round Table Chicago

Is Blockchain worth for IoT solutions providers to make the investment move

IOT Round Table Chicago

On the one side, the Internet of Things (IoT) is stepping out of its infancy and growing across major industries, including in government and consumer sectors, into full maturity. While on the other side, it also expands the surface area for cyber-burglars to break in and steal the virtual biography of our activities. Thus, the experts across the world are proposing the use of blockchain to make IoT more practical and trustworthy because of its secure and reliable node-based architecture. It’s clear that blockchain and IoT are going to go hand-in-hand in the coming years. Consequently, IoT solutions and service providers become concerned about their investment move in blockchain technology.

While keeping that concern into the center, our speakers will begin the event by making you realize that how safe we are with smart devices we use in our day-to-day life. Why blockchain could be the qualified solution to ensure security in IoT deployments, how blockchain works, and its benefits. Our representatives will also explore multiple use cases to communicate how blockchain and IoT can work together. Moreover, how different industries – from agriculture, education, to pharmaceutical – can use blockchain will also be discussed.

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The event will end up with an interactive session where the experts will resolve the queries that attendees have regarding blockchain in IoT.


Blockchain – what, how, and why Can Blockchain and the Internet of Things work together? Challenges and risks of using blockchain in IoT Benefits of using blockchain in IoT Business use cases Q&A session