Future Networks Summit

Date(s) - 07/09/18 - 07/10/18
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Future Networks Summit

July 9th – 10th, 2018
SwissĂ´tel Chicago

Is your Network an Enabler of Digital Transformation?

When organizations begin conversations concerning digitalization, the network is rarely a factor and often viewed as a cost center rather than an enabler of the Digital Transformation. As the world races towards 30 billion connected devices, the communications ecosystem is facing more obstacles in delivering networks that are secure, interconnected, interoperable and profitable. Organizations must deal with greater levels of security, scale, and cost, as well as the fractured nature of the IoT landscape. Despite the challenges, a connected world offers the opportunity to use data to drive new business opportunities, improve customer service, enhance profits and gain competitive advantage, and the network is the key to that digital enablement. As SD-WAN services emerge, the network will have a profound impact on the ability of an enterprise to grow, change, and adapt, creating a trickle-down effect into network staffing and management, cost models, sourcing approaches, and support models. As telecom service providers adopt RPA (Robotic Process Automation) a significant impact will also be seen on back-office operating cost reductions and other efficiencies. In order to support digital transformation and ensure an organization is fully modernized and prepared to keep pace with an agile business, enterprises must invest in their network infrastructure. The ISG Future Networks Summit will explore the various avenues that enterprises can consider in transforming existing network infrastructures to support an organization’s digitalization. Through a series of thought leader presentations, customer panels and expert round tables, we’ll explore the following four trends impacting networks: – Network Technology Transformation – Security – Impact of Blockchain and Automation Technology on Networks – Mobility and IoT