FoodBytes! Chicago 2019

Date(s) - 09/19/19
2:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Revel Fulton Market

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FoodBytes! Chicago 2019

Thu, September 19, 2019  2:00 PM – 7:30 PM

FoodBytes! by Rabobank is coming to the Heartland on September 19!

Join us in Chicago to see 15 of the most promising global food & ag startups take the stage. Plus, network with corporates, investors, media and industry gamechangers. From closed-loop dairy processing and next-gen animal infection treatment, to cutting-edge climate-resistant crops and upcycled pet treats, the startups selected for FoodBytes! Chicago are innovating across the food value chain.

Meet the startups pitching at FoodBytes! CHI:

Sustainable Consumer Foods (CPG)

  • Yolele Foods, Inc. (Brooklyn, N.Y.) – Producer of uniquely delicious and healthful regenerative ingredients that generate income for subsistence farmers in Africa.
  • Start Right Foods (Ballwin, Mo.) – Producer of on-the-go breakfasts offer delicious and nutritional, powerhouse meals that are quick and easy to prepare, such as Belgian Waffles & Waffle Sliders.
  • TeaSquares (Chicago) – Producer of delicious, superfood snacks are developed with nutritionists to help overcome the valleys of fatigue and provide immediate, sustained energy.
  • Tia Lupita® Foods (Tiburon, Calif.) – This Mexican-inspired food company uses simple, healthy and better-for-you ingredients without sacrificing taste for products like hot sauces, cactus chips and tortillas.
  • Shameless Pets (Chicago) – Producer of nutritional, upcycled treats that reduce the environmental impact of pet food production

Food Tech

  • The Better Meat Co. (Sacramento, Calif.) – Producer of plant-based protein formulas for major meat users so they can add more nutrition to their ground meat products to enhance taste and sustainability.
  • Evigence Sensors (Nesher, Israel) – Developer of Visual Freshness Sensors that help reduce food waste and enhance food safety and quality worldwide.
  • Higher Steaks (London) – Producer of pork cell-based meat using cellular technology to address some of the most pressing global issues, while also creating cost-effective, scalable manufacture solutions for more complex meat products.
  • Journey Foods, Inc. (Chicago) – Provider of an AI-powered software platform that supports smarter data services and product management for the $3 trillion packaged foods market.
  • Spira, Inc. (Los Angeles) – Creator of functional ingredients from spirulina microalgae as a replacement for petroleum and animal compounds found in the foods we eat, working with sustainable farmers worldwide to also help developing communities and heal the planet.


  • Agremo (Belgrade, Serbia) – Provider of a cloud-based and AI-powered, innovative and intuitive agriculture sensing and imagery analysis software platform for growers, agronomists, and drone professionals with a mission to help agricultural professionals achieve higher and more sustainable outputs.
  • Capro-X, Inc. (Ithaca, N.Y.) – Developer of a sustainable biotechnology, founded with the goal of increasing the sustainability of the dairy industry. Using the WheyAway system, Capro-X focuses on turning the problematic acid whey byproduct from Greek yogurt into chemicals that are direct alternatives to chemicals sourced from unsustainable palm oil.
  • Cytophage Technologies, Inc. (Winnipeg, Manitoba) – Developer of synthetic bacteriophage products to prevent and treat bacterial infections in livestock as a new tool to meet new regulatory requirements while cutting down on the need for daily antibiotics that can lead to antimicrobial resistance in humans.
  • LocalCoho (Auburn, N.Y.) – Producer of sustainable, traceable and fresh, Coho salmon through land-based Recirculating Aquaculture (RAS). LocalCoho uses MxCell® RAS technology to create one of the most energy-efficient close-contained designs in the world.
  • SeedLinked (Viroqua, Wisc.) – Provider of a web platform that uses crowd-sourced data and advanced analytics to enable plant breeders, seed sellers, farmers and gardeners to choose, acquire, breed and sell place-adapted, specialty seeds, and to bring transparency, innovation and efficiency to the seed system