FinTank – Cyber Security

Date(s) - 06/14/18
12:00 am


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The importance of cyber security cannot be overstated. With famous corporate hacks, such as the Target and Home Depot, and ransomware attacks becoming more commonplace; the need for a cyber security plan is necessary for every company, big and small. At our meet ups, we will dig deep and teach companies the appropriate level of security for the size of their company. For startups, protecting their product is the only way bigger companies will invest in the startup. For medium sized firms, purchasing appropriately sized cyber security services will protect the firm, without draining the firm’s profits. Join us to learn about the trends in cyber crimes and the protections available for your company.

FinTank’s CyberSecurity Meetup brings together those with experience in the field and those that want to become a part of it. A wide range of topics are discussed from how to prevent breaches to what to do once they have been found in a system. The format is interactive with a focus on learning.



Christopher Williams

Partner, Convex Legal

Christopher Williams focuses his practice on BD/RIA compliance, capital raises, and FinTech. Having worked as a regulator at both the CBOE and FINRA, Chris went into private practice with the goal of controlling regulatory costs and helping mid-sized firms compete with larger institutions. His passion for helping companies grow and compete transferred over to the FinTech market, as these clients raise money to prove their concept and compete with . These FinTech companies include everything from B2C options trading platforms to ICOs for Blockchain (DLT) startups creating spot trading marketplaces.