Breaking the News: Trust in the Age of Digital Media

Date(s) - 10/11/18
5:45 pm - 7:00 pm

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

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Chicago Council


Breaking the News: Trust in the Age of Digital Media

Chicago Council

Katerina Eva Matsa, Associate Director, Journalism and Media, Pew Research Center; Colin McMahon, Senior Vice President, Editorial Operations, Tronc Chicago Tribune; María Ramírez, Co-Founder, Politibot; Resident Fellow, Institute of Politics, University of Chicago


Distrust in digital news media is on the rise. The digital revolution has reshaped American news habits, making information readily available and engaging. Yet, concerns over misinformation and “fake news”, objective reporting sources, news feed algorithms, and the security of users’ data are increasing among the public. What role do journalists, news dissemination platforms, and consumers have in identifying and countering false information? And how will continued technological innovations shape news platforms and the way future generations will consume news?



Katerina Eva Matsa

Associate Director, Journalism and Media, Pew Research Center

Katerina Eva Matsa is an associate director of journalism and media at Pew Research Center. She is an expert on journalism and media, specifically the US broadcasting sector, news consumption and politics and the role of technology in news. Matsa is the author of studies on searching for news, network and local television, political polarization and media habits, Millennials and news, and long-form reading on mobile devices. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in communications at American University, and also holds a BA in political science from Panteion University in Athens, Greece, an MA in politics and government from the London School of Economics, and an MA communication, culture and technology from Georgetown University.