Blockchain in Chicago Kickoff 2018 at Venue610

Date(s) - 02/22/18
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Venue SIX10

Hosted by
Chicago Blockchain Project - Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Altcoin

Blockchain in Chicago Kickoff 2018 at Venue610

Chicago Blockchain Project – Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Altcoin

Venue 610 on Michigan Ave will be host to 500 of Chicago’s bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency community. Blockchain focus will be 5:30-8pm. Crypto focus will be throughout with a coins Q&A crowd sentiment game from 8-10pm. There are two rooms, 450 seats in the great hall with speakers, panels, and presentations and 200 on the landing with our $1,000 crowd choice contest for blockchain entrepreneurs, ICOs, and free learning station workshops. Full details at Meetup members get 50% off using code:

CBPFRIENDS – There are only 100 discount tickets available. $25 w/ discount before 2/1

You must buy the tickets on the link. Registering on Meetup will not get you in the event. Email to be involved. We are looking for entrepreneurs, ICOs, and people to work our workshop booths for a free ticket!

There is discounted valet parking at the venue. Dress code is business casual, but suits and dresses are encouraged cause we like to have fun!


Networking & Workshops

The landing holds 200+ people. Snacks, refreshments, and our workshops will be set up here. Learn, mingle, and network with our entrepreneurs, ICOs, and learning workshops. The landing will be open for the duration of the event.

(5:00-5:30) Welcome Reception
Check-in, snacks, & refreshments

(5:30-5:35) Guest Host Introduction
Holly Glowaty (Fintex Women/K+H Connection)

(5:35-6:00) Panel on developing the blockchain
Hannah Rosenberg Moderator (BOB Meetup/Velas Commerce/CBP)
Dr. Conrad Barski (CEO, Forward Blockchain)
Dev Bharel (Nussbaumer Projects)
Predrag Tomasevic (BTC Pay Server)

Kim Parnell (CEO & Cofounder, Blank)

(6:00-6:15) Building Apps Without Code
Kim is the co-founder of Blank – A radical new way to build apps without code. AI technology automatically generates beautiful user interface design, and smart contracts, tokens and blockchain technology enables interoperability of data, app features or entire apps on the network.

Kim shares her entrepreneurial journey across many social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and her YouTube channels, The Grind With Kim Parnell and the soon to launch show, The Business Behind.

(6:15-6:45) Women Driving Chicago’s Blockchain Ecosystem
CM! Winters (City Colleges of Chicago/The Professors)
Holly Glowaty (Fintech Women)
Hannah Rosenberg (BOB Meetup/Velas Commerce/CBP)
Lexy Prodromos (Chicago Blockchain Center)

(6:45-7:00) How to not get owned by hackers
Security Expert Jim Holcomb (Evolve Security)

(7:00-7:30) Panel on Blockchain for Social Good #BSGC
Reshma Kamath (Juris Doctor, Pritzker, Faculty, Blockchain Research Institute, ABA NextGen Fellow)
Marquis Davis (Urban Array)
Soren Spicknall (Microsoft/BSGC Meetup)
Matt Wolf (

Dan Novaes (CEO Current)

(7:30-7:50) Elevating Chicago as a Hub for Blockchain
Current is creating a digital token and protocol that is a method of exchange for time, attention, and data in the digital landscape. It’s starting with media, creating an all-in-one personalized experience that rewards users for streaming from the networks they love, like Spotify YouTube, SoundCloud and more.

Current has closed $36 million in its private token sale and will distribute several millions of dollars worth of its “CRNC” utility tokens to the approximately 250,000 people who have signed up to participate in its public token sale.

(7:50-8:10) Chicago Blockchain Project Presents
Blockchain Entrepreneur $1,000 Award Presentation
Disruption Joe (Chicago Blockchain Project)

(8:10-10:00) 100 COINS Q&A ENCORE
A Power Hour of the top 50 coins followed by audience Q&A

Disruption Joe (CBP)
Danny Johnson (Pink Coin)
David Carman (Fintank)

Special Guest:
Marguerite (@Coin_Artist)