An Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading – What you need to know.

Date(s) - 02/15/18
9:00 am - 8:30 pm

Northwestern University Law School

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An Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading – What you need to know.

Thu, February 15, 2018 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Many people want to get involved in CryptoCurrency trading, but just don’t know how. There are also many people that have started trading cryptocurrencies that need to learn much more to be successful. This session is designed specifically for you.

As part of FinTank / Northwestern University Law School’s CryptoCurrency 2018 conference, this breakout session will help you understand the what and how of cryptocurrency investing.

This session will cover:
– What cryptocurrencies are and how do they work.
– How to invest in cryptocurrencies.
-·What makes a cryptocurrency secure.
– Digital signature systems and their use in cryptocurrency.
– What is mining.
– What is ·“Proof of work?”
– Ways to own Bitcoin
– The difference between a coin and a token
– Understanding “wallets” and how they work.
– Understanding “forks” and what they mean to you.
··And much more…

Your instructor for this special session is Izzy Nelken.
Izzy Nelken (PhD) is the President and Founder of Super Computer Consulting, Inc. (SuperCC). A firm that specializes in the research, application, implementation, and exposition of complex derivatives, structured products, risk management, and hedge funds.

Since its founding in 1997, Izzy’s firm has had many consulting clients globally, including several regulatory bodies, major broker-dealers, large and medium-sized banks, as well as hedge funds. Izzy has extensive experience with complex financial instruments. Over the years, he has taught thousands of individuals in a wide range of areas related to financial products. He has authored/edited eight books in the area and, for 18 years, was an instructor at the University of Chicago M.Sc. program in Financial Mathematics.

Izzy is a member of the Product Development Committee at Cboe – one the options exchanges bringing Bitcoin futures to market.

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Hope to see you there.