Adler After Dark: It Came From Space!

Date(s) - 01/18/18
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Adler Planetarium

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Adler Planetarium

Adler After Dark: It Came From Space!

Adler Planetarium

January 18, 2018

They were watching us from afar, biding their time. Now they’re here! Celebrate the campiness of 50s sci-fi and the actual quest for E.T. at Adler After Dark!

The search for habitable planets has heated up in recent years, and it’s (probably) only a matter of time until we find an Earth-like world. Explore how we search for exoplanets, try your hand at classifying alien atmospheres, and help solve Frank Drake’s famous equation that attempts to identify how many alien civilizations are out there (if any!).

And speaking of aliens, dig into some classic 50s sci-fi films featuring aliens with a special talk by sci-fi reviewer and editor Gary Wolfe. He’ll try to answer that burning question—why do we imagine aliens as little green men? And how does science fiction (past and present) help inform the actual search for E.T.? (Can’t wait? Psych yourself up with a special showing of Arrival on the big screen at our REEL Science Film Series on January 12!)

Chill out with us this winter at Adler After Dark!



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