2017 Entrepreneur Growth Opportunities – Brown Bag Lunch & Learn

Date(s) - 08/17/17
11:45 am - 1:15 pm


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2017 Entrepreneur Growth Opportunities – Brown Bag Lunch & Learn

Thu, August 17, 2017  11:45 AM – 1:15 PM

This special series of collaboration sessions is for Entrepreneurs, Startups, 1st Stage & 2nd Stage Growth Companies, Bootstrappers and Business Owners who are building their business without major amounts of investor capital (i.e. Not VC Funded)…so far.

Only $10 early bird, $15 regular and $20 at the door.

Bring your own lunch. (Or there’s a Subway right next door)

Official Time: 11:45am to 1:15pm

(With extended collaboration time until approx. 2pm for those who can stick around.)

Register now.

Bring Your Lunch and eat while you are collaborating. (There is a subway right around the corner if you need lunch ideas.) Get there early for Networking before the event!

This event is all about YOU and your business

Each Entrepreneur / Business Owner will get to introduce themselves and their business and announce their opportunities to the group.

The Team will cover the major opportunities for the business and experienced entrepreneurs will facilitate the discussion and collaboration from the VentureSHOT Community.

What are YOUR issues and opportunities…and how can the VentureSHOT Team and other event attendees help You achieve your goals?

How can you make a MAJOR impact in the next 30-60-90 days?

The Startup and Growth Company Lunch will help you keep focused on the “High Value” activities.

Each entrepreneur discusses their own business & opportunities!

Improving your processes and getting them started quickly!

How to implement time leverage in your business –

Eliminating low-value activities from your schedule now to produce high-impact results.

Email David@FundingFeedingFrenzy.com or call David Culver @ 312-953-9919 for more information.